Hard drives not recognised

My USB external drive is not recognised by Mac any more.. would like a quote to recover data from it please. it is a 2TB drive. One moment it was working fine and then it started running slowly. It picked back up for a while but then intermittently became not recognised by the computer. It’s been like this for a couple of weeks, I’m not concerned about the hard drive, but I do need the data recovering from it. It’s a StoreJet hard drive that I bought from Currys in Bury, Manchester. It’s still under warranty so if you can get the data back I’ll take it back and get a replacement hard drive.

The disk you Inserted is not readable by this computer-tlxromzzda-30708

Up until now I have been using my WD passport hard-drive with my mac and with other computers just fine. I recently plugged it in and received the notification “The disk you Inserted is not readable by this computer” which is strange because I don’t remember dropping it and it just stopped working. I have been travelling a bit and had it in my backpack, do you think something could of happened to it in there? I have since tried to change the cable to see if that’s the problem and have also tried it on a different computer and a PC…but still receive the same notification. What do you think has happened to it? Is there any way of fixing it and if not is there a way I can take my files off it? I don’t need all the information, just the contents of my documents folder.

This external hard drive is a Transcend storeJet . I would like to see if I can recover the data. For your information, I’ve done some Googling about the problem I have and have found a page on a blog site where the writer discusses a very similar problem. The page is I hope this information helps and I hope I can soon have the data from my unrecognised hard drive back again! The most important files are the photographs which I neglected to back up, so I know the data loss is my own fault but I really do need the files back. You’ll find most of the photos in the My Pictures directory but I did also store them in other parts of the hard drive. If possible can you locate all the pictures and save them for me?